Behavioural risk analytics. Simplified.

Sustema helps commercial insurers reduce exposure to corporate behavioural risk and significantly improve underwriting performance.

The challenge:

Behaviour drives risk

Commercial insurance underwriters understand that corporate behaviour has a major impact on the risks a company is willing to take. However, corporate behaviour is not measured by underwriters from client supplied asset data or from personal client relationships – it is inferred. And with no consistent means to compare client behaviour, a combination of inconsistent client selection and capacity allocation can significantly reduce portfolio performance.

Our solution:

Corporate behavioural risk quantified

Sustema analyses corporate behaviour using publicly available data. By measuring the actions companies take and analysing their impact on stakeholders, Sustema enables insurers to measure management behaviour consistently, objectively and at scale. We cover over 17,000 companies worldwide across all industries.

Benefits for insurers

Improved loss ratio
Consistent performance
ESG data made actionable
Improved underwriting performance
Improve performance with new and existing clients. Build on your current underwriting guidelines, consistent client level capacity allocation guidance leads to significantly improved loss ratios.
Consistent client view
A single client view unifies the entire underwriting team. Broad-based behavioural analytics with 150 behavioural data points per company. Consistent input into data hierarchy with the option of weighting data points – leading to an objective, composite client behavioural score.
Focused client targeting
Target new clients more swiftly and effectively − without altering your current underwriting strategy. This makes client targeting less dependent on intermediary filtering.
Effective strategy-setting and portfolio management
Explore more ideas in less time, with detailed impact analysis of capacity requirements and potential for market gain. A comprehensive market overview enables insurers to identify, assess, benchmark and monitor current and prospective clients and industry segments.
Enhances existing underwriting processes
Eliminate moral hazard using publicly available data. Does not replace existing underwriting functions; no information is derived from the underwriting submission.
Cloud based
Standalone service operates independently of your core IT infrastructure − enabling you to get up and running swiftly and securely.


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