About Sustema

Sustema is a behavioural data analytics company founded by experienced underwriters and risk managers to help commercial insurers improve underwriting performance.

With ever-increasing volumes of data and digitisation of the insurance industry, the need to analyse and extract meaningful insights from information has never been greater. However, at its core, commercial underwriting is about insuring companies and specifically, insuring the decisions made by the people running those companies.

We believe that by measuring these corporate behaviours before you put your capital at risk on their behalf, insurers can improve client targetting, develop portfolios in line with ESG targets and deliver significantly improved underwriting performance.


Curiosity, an open mind and respect for one another, are the foundations for a great team. If you are interested in creating a future that is better than the past, committed to working with focus and want to bring about the positive change the world needs, we would love to hear from you.
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