About Sustema

Decades of experience in underwriting commercial insurance risks led Sustema co-founder Hans Zimmermann to conclude that the corporate behaviour of a company has a major impact on the risks that it is willing to take.

Underwriters inherently understand this, traditionally relying on longstanding relationships to deepen their knowledge of a client beyond what can be inferred purely by analysing an underwriting submission.

Today’s unstructured, intuitive approach to understanding corporate behavioural risk is fundamentally flawed. Shaped by the selective supply and analysis of information, it is subject to self-reinforcing biases on the part of both underwriters and clients.

Together with ex-formula 1 engineer Navraj Basra, Hans Zimmermann founded Sustema in 2017 to transform this conventional approach and help commercial insurers become more objective, consistent and profitable − using the largest source of publicly available data ever devised, the Internet.

Team members

Christian Brunner
Creative Direction and Design

Nicole Grandi
ESG Data Analyst


Curiosity, an open mind and respect for one another, are the foundations for a great team. If you are interested in creating a future that is better than the past, committed to working with focus and want to bring about the positive change the world needs, we would love to hear from you.
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