Sustema BASE™

Sustema Behavioural Analytics Service (BASE™ ) enables insurers to reduce exposure to corporate behavioural risk and significantly increase profitability with a secure and intuitive cloud-based service. Based on the publicly available data of over 17,000 companies worldwide, Sustema BASE™ enhances your existing underwriting processes. Building on your current underwriting guidelines, it enhances client targeting, accelerates underwriting, and provides consistent capacity guidance for new and existing clients − significantly improving underwriting performance.

Cloud based solution

Sustema BASE™, a modern, scalable cloud-native solution built to meet current and future needs of underwriters, client acquisition teams and portfolio managers. Built on Microsoft Azure and deployable to meet your security and governance requirements, Sustema BASE™ operates independently of your core IT infrastructure − enabling you to get up and running swiftly and securely. Works the way you do, Sustema BASE™ can be customised to meet your needs and delivered directly into your existing workflows.

Use cases


Sustema BASE™ supports your existing underwriting process and provides underwriters with a composite and comparative client behaviour analysis for both current and prospective clients. Sustema BASE™ builds upon your existing underwriting guidelines and provides the entire underwriting team with consistent capacity allocation guidance for each client. This delivers significantly improved underwriting performance, with average loss ratio gains of 28% being seen with existing customers in back testing of their portfolios to date.

Without changing your existing underwriting strategy, Sustema BASE™ delivers a more efficient capacity allocation across your current client base - with a much improved loss ratio.

Client targeting

Sustema BASE™ provides underwriters and client acquisition teams with consistent and clear view of how each company’s behavioral risk score is formed, how companies compare and the underlying reasons for differences in recommended capacity allocation. Easily target clients to reallocate capacity to. With a market level view of the corporate behavior of over 17’000 companies worldwide, Sustema BASE™ makes client targeting less dependent upon intermediary filtering. Save significant time in client targeting by focusing on clients that bring improved performance.

Portfolio management

Capacity allocation recommendations for +17’000 companies are aggregated up into portfolio level impact. With regularly updated client behavioral data, Sustema BASE™ supports portfolio managers in actively managing portfolio development during the underwriting cycle. Industry and company behavioral score distributions show how to improve portfolio quality, with recommended changes in capacity by industry group and geographical region being easily identified.

Underwriting strategy setting and development

Stress test the impact of different underwriting strategies and underwriting guidelines. With a consistent client view for your entire underwriting value chain, Sustema BASE™ supports management in setting, steering and implementing portfolio strategies that deliver improved performance. Powerful segmentation analysis tools enable insurers to evaluate capacity requirements and market size potential by geographical region and industry group. Whilst underwriting guideline tools enable the impact of new guidelines on performance potential, capacity requirements and impact to existing clients to be rapidly evaluated.